Building the greenhouse – the path

Long planks were staked in place to create an edging to contain the bricks and base materials. A length of DPC was used to protect the outside edge of the wood from wet soil in the beds.

Services, in this case water and electricity, were run in a trench under the path. It is wise to plan for these services during the construction stage as they are so much harder to add later.

Sharp sand was laid between the planks and compacted to create a dry bed for the bricks. The bricks were then laid and tapped down firm and level with the top of the planks. Kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints to lock the bricks tightly together. Note the beds have been dug too!

The finished path is hard-wearing, attractive and free draining. Note the kick boards that were added to retain plants and mulches.

Greenhouse Construction details:

  1. Foundations
  2. Brickwork
  3. Erecting the framework
  4. Path and plumbing
  5. Painting it
  6. Glazing the roof

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