The Buildings

4 Posh Shed DIY projects

Here are four garden buildings that I have designed and built. Each one adds considerable value, pleasure and functionality of the garden, and by building them DIY I saved myself a fortune and gained something unique and more beautiful than most off-the-peg solutions ever could — along with the satisfaction of seeing my own handiwork come to fruition. You can read more about them, including the ideas behind their design, construction and uses by clicking on the links below.

The information pages on each building includes lots of DIY tips and tricks to help you with your own project and includes the background design considerations that underpin any successful project. Each one takes a different approach to the basic construction providing you — hopefully — with lots of ideas a useful information.

-Keir Watson

The Workshop

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A timber-framed building 8′ x 22′ with three rooms and a living roof. A solid, long-term garden building with multiple uses. Helpful self-build ideas for any competent DIYer.

The Cabin

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A lightweight timber post and frame building 8′ x 12′ with a mezzanine bed and kitchenette. A garden retreat, guest room, play house… Lots of useful DIY ideas.

The Woodshed

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This 6′ x 18′ shed is created from fence posts and panels. Its cedar shingle roof with skylights make a robust log store with an integral lock-up shed. A straightforward DIY project.

The Greenhouse

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A high quality greenhouse inspired by the Edwardian classics. This 6′ x 16′ lean-to is constructed from cedar and brick modified from a professional greenhouse kit.