3 New Lenten Rose seedlings

When renovating part of my woodland garden this month I discovered three self-sown Hellebore seedlings that have flowered for the first time — and they are absolutely wonderful. Take a look and tell me what you think of them.


(Asteroid Field). I had a bed of over-wintered onions (Alliums cepa) that all bolted before they matured. I decided to leave them as their … read more

Hallowed Souls

Dew-jewelled gossamer frames Hosta “Praying Hands” The spooks have been out over night. Hundreds of tiny garden denizens worked unseen through the night. As … read more

Site Icon

I just designed this little favicon for my site. What do you think?
It might show up in your browser or on your favourites page if you bookmark my site. It should appear as a desktop app icon if you save a shortcut to you mobile OS desktop.

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