Paving the Vegetable Garden

We took advantage of the  fine weather over Easter to begin paving the paths around the raised oak vegetable beds. This had always been part of the original plan but as the gardens are almost entirely DIY we can only undertake a certain amount each year.

These paths are pretty much the final part of the vegetable garden construction. We are very pleased with the effect, and are sure you will agree that they have transformed the area creating a really classy feel. Getting rid of the grass paths has also removed the awkward chore of mowing around hundreds of feet of raised bed edges. At last the paths are dry and comfortable underfoot!


We are using Freshfield Lane clay pavors. They are a bit easier to lay than bricks – For one thing they are solid (i.e. don’t have a frog) so bed down firmly on the compacted sharp sand, and, unlike bricks, they are pretty well exactly twice as long as they are wide, allowing them to be laid in neater patterns. Being brick (clay) they are a bit more expensive than concrete pavors, but they look a million times better!

I’ll add to the slide show above as we make progress…

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