(Asteroid Field).

I had a bed of over-wintered onions (Alliums cepa) that all bolted before they matured. I decided to leave them as their flower heads are as good as any ornamental onion, and a whole bed of them — perhaps thirty in all — created quite a spectacle. On one fine evening recently, with the low-sun glancing through them, I captured some very artsy-shots. They have a spacey, sci-fi feel — like moons or planets with the low sunlight giving them crescent outlines. Close up the flower heads have a real architectural quality — like some highly advanced space station. Natural lens flare in some shots adds to the sci-fi feel, and in one photo a hover-fly coming in to land looks like a small space ship preparing to dock. While the featured image (above) is a highly manipulated bit of fun, I’m pleased with the images below because they needed virtually no tweaking of any kind.

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