The Vegetable Garden, August 2013

As you can see the vegetable garden is pretty productive at the moment.

The Carrots were very temperamental, with only about one-third of them germinating. I decided to replant in the gaps, and had to do this twice. Even so the bed is patchy this year, and the carrots are all different sizes!

The Early Leeks are the best I’ve grown in years: this being the first that Leek Moth has not attacked the crop. Partly this is due to careful netting with enviromesh to keep them out (you can see one of the steel hoops that held it up), but also, perhaps, that the winter was very cold and may have reduced the pest population.

The Asparagus bed provided many weeks of cutting earlier in the year and has now been left to grow and build up strength for next year.

The Celeriac was planted from plugs a month ago and will be used throughout the winter months. It is great cooked like swede, mashed with cheese.

The dwarf French Beans had a slow start with the cold early summer, but they are in full flow now. I have grown a very fine variety this year, with long thin dark green pods – very nice as long as they are not left to grow too big.

The Mange-Tout were only planted a few weeks ago, but have already started producing. They need picking small to avoid being stringy, but they are easy to grow and delicious.

Below are some close-ups from around the veg garden:

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