Green roof bulbs triumph

Nothing helps shorten the seemingly interminable English winter more than early spring bulbs – bright and hopeful in the brief moments of sunlight that pierce our typical grey skies.  In this regard the green roof has proved itself unexpectedly successful, and created a fantastic display (of which the above is just a tiny portion) far earlier in the year than I expected.

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Raised beds

Raised beds
I use raised beds in many parts of the gardens here at Rosemary Cottage. They serve both practical and aesthetic functions, and when designed well with good materials they are relatively quick to construct, durable and easy to maintain or even dismantle if a complete re-design should ever be wanted.

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The Green Roof – in June

Here is a view across part of the green roof, showing how far it has come on since my last Green Roof update. The plants have become establishes, and I have added many new plants which are all thriving in just 7 to 13cm of soil, with only occasional watering – once or twice per month – to help them through their first year.

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Gladdon the Heart

Extraordinary colouration, vivid markings and the complex orchid-like form of the Gladdon (Iris foetidissima) can stop you in your tracks when you come upon it like this. Amazingly, despite the Gladdon being a common British wild-flower, many people have never seen one, or have …

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