Living carpets

Planting low-growing foliage plants that knit together into a ground-covering carpet can be visually striking and is often easier to maintain as weeds are suppressed. Planting smaller plants in groups of three or more ensures their foliage has as much impact as their larger neighbours and prevents them getting swamped.

A Foliage-First Design

Clipped hedge
Lonicera nitida

Scaly Male Fern
Dryopteris affinis

Clipped box
Buxus sempivirens

Multistem Serviceberry
Amelanchia lamarkii

Evergreen Solomon’s Seal
Disporopsis pernyi

European ginger
Asarum europeaum

Japanese forest grass
Hakonechloa macra


All photos, garden design, planting and web-design © Keir Watson 2020

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