Architectural Pond Plants

A bud of Water Lily (Nymphaea) Gonnère pushing up through the spiky leaves of Water Soldiers (Stratiotes aloides)

Planted seven years ago, this water lily (N. Gonnère) now flowers freely in my small formal pond. Compared with photos from 2014, the flowers are larger.
The blooms of Gonnère are dramatic, generous and double-flowered. Its crisp white petals stand out brilliantly against dark water.
A shoot of Mare’s tail (Hippuris vulgaris) emerging through a nice clump of Fibre Optic Plant (Scirpus cernuus): both plants are architectural and look great in small ponds.
A single, architectural shoot of Mare’s tail (Hippuris vulgaris) emerging through the fine foliage of Fibre Optic Plant (Scirpus cernuus)

Photos taken 22nd June 2019

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