Hosta Flowers – A Second Look

At first glance you might mistake these flowers for those of an exotic orchid

They are actually the blooms of Hosta ‘Undulata Mediovariegata’.

When I wrote about them in my post “Are Hosta flowers Worthwhile?” I was rather dismissive and said that I would probably cut them off as they didn’t suit my white garden. So I brought them in to admire them in a vase. I’m glad I did, for they are quite magnificent up close.

The buds are succulent, and rich violet. Note the small leaf at eh base of the bud which has some of the variegation of the main foliage, somewhat reminiscent of wandering jew (Tradescantia sp) or spider plant (Chlorophytum)

The ruffled open petals are quite luscious and sensual.

The older flowers hang like skirts. Note the deep burgundy colour in the stems which looks as if it has begun to soak into the base of the leaves and flower stems. Quite painterly.

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