Green Roof – early spring 2017

The vivid lime-green of Euphorbia myrsinites and violet grape hyacinth are creating a striking patch of colour on the green roof right now.

The Euphorbia was only added last summer, so it is good to see it settling in happily. I am aware it can get rather large, so am hoping that the exposed situation and shallow soil (7cm) on the green roof will stop it getting too bit. Its spiky glaucous leaves look good here too.

The grape hyacinth (Muscari) have thrived in this location for over five years. A few weeks ago iris reticulata popped up sporadiaclly in several places. They too seem to enjoy the summer roasting this roof exposed them to.

Below, left are a few that popped up in one corner back in February. A little clump in another area.

More About the Green Roof

The Green Roof Construction

  • Sub-deck structure
  • Butyl liner installation
  • Drainage detailing
  • Growing medium & planting
  • Construction drawing

The Workshop construction

Learn how the building under the Green Roof was designed and constructed.

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