Maincrop onions 2007

A fine crop of onions. The annual crop usually lasts us from harvest until April the following year, depending on how well they store. The storing quality seems to depend mostly on the weather in the weeks prior to harvesting – they want a good dry spell so they are not too ‘watery’. I am still experimenting with methods of harvesting and drying to minimise infection.

Last year I cut the tops off in-situ. Some sources suggest this opens them up to infection, but I had my best-keeping onions following this method. However, it had also been a very good few dry weeks preceding harvest, so I can’t tell whether the topping or the good weather was the main factor!

Ah! So, you have wandered far into the archives of my Blog and found my secret test area, where I experiment with coding and try out new features for my latest posts. (What follows might look like junk, but I assure you, it means something to me!)

– Keir Watson


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